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Note to Parents regarding MAP Testing Results

In the spring, your child ​may have ​participated in the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Grade-Level ​and End-of-Course ​assessments. The Missouri Asses​​sment Program (MAP)​ ​evaluate​s​ students’ progress toward the Missouri Learning Standards. Grade-Level ​and End-of-Course assessments provide important information that contributes to decisions concerning individual students, groups of students, and educational programs​/curriculum​. Assessments are given in the subject areas of Communication Arts (grades 3-8), Mathematics (grades 3-8), Science (grades 5 and 8)​, High School Biology, High School English II, High School Government, High School Algebra I, and High School Algebra II​.

The Individual Student Report (ISR), includes an Achievement Level, which will describe his or her performance as Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, or Advanced. The report also include​s​ a short description of the knowledge and skills that are typically demonstrated by students in each Achievement Level. ​​Individual Student Reports (ISRs) ​for the End-of-Course assessments were sent home with students prior to school ending in May. We are expecting the​​ ISRs​ for the Grade-Level assessments to​ ​be ​delivered to our district this fall and these will be ​distributed to parents​ ​in a timely manner after receipt in our district. If you are in need of your child’s Individual Student Report (ISR) prior to regular distribution, please contact your child’s school.  
The City of St. Charles School District recognizes that learning is a life-long process. Instruction and assessment meet the needs of each learner. The goal of assessment is to enhance learning. Education is a collaborative partnership between school, parents, students, and the community. Achievement is realized through a “Success for All” philosophy. Assessment provides for accountability. Assessments inform our decisions about teaching and learning. Professional learning communities utilize data to drive decisions and instructional practices. A primary purpose of education is to develop thoughtful, productive and responsible citizens.

Assessment data provides a “snapshot” of student performance at various points throughout the year. Students in the City of St. Charles School District will have opportunities to demonstrate what they know and and are able to do on various standardized tests throughout their years in the district. To complete the picture of student progress, daily ongoing formative and summative assessments, embedded in the teaching process and used to provide regular feedback, will also be conducted as an essential means to enhance student learning.

District Assessment Plan

The City of St. Charles School District Comprehensive Assessment Plan is a document that details the assessment instruments and strategies used to monitor the quality of the District’s instructional program, guidance services, and screenings for participation in special programs.

Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Testing
  • April 3 - May 26, 2017 is the Grade Level Assessment testing window provided by DESE. The Grade Level Assessments are given in grades 3-8 in the subject areas of Mathematics and Communication Arts and in grades 5 and 8 in Science. Your child’s school will notify parents of the building testing window closer to testing.
  • The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requires the MAP End of Course (EOC) Assessments for Algebra I, English II, Biology I, and Government. These assessments will be given to students enrolled in the courses teaching similar content and skills. These tests are not specific to any grade level, but rather to course content. Students taking Algebra I in Middle School will take the Algebra I EOC exam while they are enrolled in the course instead of the grade-level math assessment. The District testing windows for 2015-16 are from April 24-May 2 for the Spring 2017 session.
  • Beginning with the Class of 2016, students will be required to take the ACT (administered in 11th grade). The ACT will be administered to all Juniors during the school day. The ACT will be administered on April 19, 2017 for the 2015-2016 school year. For information on registering for the ACT as a non-public school 11th grader, click here.
The MAP-Alternate (MAP-A) is an online assessment for Science, English/Language Arts, and Math that measures student performance based on alternate achievement standards. As designated by the Missouri Department of Education, September 21, 2016 - February 28, 2017 is the instructionally embedded testing window for the Dynamic Learning Maps collection window.  The spring summative MAP-A assessment window will occur from March 27, 2017 - May 19, 2017. 
Who Takes the MAP-A Assessment?
  • The decision as to how a student with disabilities is chosen to be eligible for the MAP-A assessment is determined by the student's Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) team using DESE-established criteria.
  • If a student becomes eligible for the MAP-A assessment, they do not participate in the Grade-Lefvel or End of Course assessments.
For more information on state assessments, please visit the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Assessment page on their web site.
Assessment Resources
  • ACT- The ACT® college readiness assessment is a curriculum- and standards-based educational and career planning tool that assesses students' academic readiness for college.
  • SAT- The SAT is designed to assess students' academic readiness for college.
  • ASVAB- (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) - The ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. It is administered annually to more than one million military applicants, high school, and post-secondary students.
  • Learning Library Express This free resource is available to all students and parents in the City of St. Charles School District. It includes practice modules and practice tests for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and AP exams. It also has an Adult Learning Center, Career Center, College Center (to help prepare for college), School Center (for Grades 4-12), and more. Accounts must first be created within the district. After initially setting up your account, you can access this site free of charge from any internet-compatible device. Please contact your student's school for more information.