• Our Vision 

    An excellent district provides all students with an opportunity to pursue a course of study that enables them to become productive and effective citizens of a global society. The course of study should expand rather than limit students' choices and opportunities. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction envisions a district in which:
    • The curriculum clearly reflects goals that emphasize the nature of the education of the district seeks to provide. These goals are understood and accepted by members of the educational community and promote a focus on the highest standards of academic achievement.
    • A core of common learning is the essential component of the curriculum. This core comprises the majority of the district's graduation requirements.
    • The core curriculum provides for specialized programs and/or services for students with special needs, abilities and/or interests.
    • The curriculum is geared toward student learning outcomes. Student advancement and eventual graduation are based upon demonstrated proficiency.
    • There is a systematic attempt to collect information on student achievement and make adjustments to the curriculum on the basis of the results.
    • There is a continuous effort to seek and consider new ways to achieve the district's goals more effectively.