• SOAR: Seeking Opportunities in Accelerated Resources

    Grades 1-4, Harris Elementary School

    SOAR (Seeking Opportunities in Accelerated Resources) is the first GATE in the gifted and talented program, and is offered at the 1 - 4 grade levels. The SOAR program is offered as a full day pull out program at Harris Elementary School.

    The SOAR program is designed to introduce students to topics linked to real-world themes that require higher level thinking, analysis of information, critical thinking, and problem solving. Learning is enhanced through differentiated instruction, team work, and contact with professionals in relevant fields, field trips, research, and the use of technology for gathering data, developing projects, and sharing ideas.

    The SOAR curriculum units are theme-based and interdisciplinary. These units focus on real-world questions and problems. Students use a variety of resources and research skills to gather advanced level content about their topic in order to apply their knowledge and skills to help alleviate or solve the problems they investigate.

    During the course of their studies, students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals in the community who will add their expertise to the breadth and depth of their work in the classroom. These interactions will occur through guest speakers and field trips.

    The students will also have an opportunity to utilize a wide array of computer programs and multimedia technologies including: Google drive and many tools offer by Google.