• SCSD Families,

    We are three weeks into the 21-22 school year and we have had the BEST start! Thank you for all that you do to continually help us succeed with your child’s education. We Believe in Every Student, Together.

    At our Board of Education meeting last evening, the Board of Education approved to extend the mask mandate for another 30 days. This means masks will continue to be expected/mandated for every student (K-12) and staff member on buses and SCSD buildings. Masks must be worn in all (K-12) school buildings. However, it is under the staff’s discretion to allow students to take "mask breaks" under supervision and with proper social distancing protocols in place during the day. We are sensitive to the fact that staff and students will again have masks on all day and may need breaks, especially at the younger grades. This is carefully and appropriately facilitated. Please note, masks are not expected/mandated to be worn during outside activities such as recess. Also, our Early Childhood program will continue to have certain adaptations to protocols that are age appropriate for ECC students.

    Protocol decisions, such as masks, will continue to be reviewed at monthly BOE meetings. The SCSD administration and the St. Charles County Department of Public Health will also continue collaborating on and monitoring community metrics/indicators (ie. positivity rate) of COVID-19, in conjunction with the number of positive cases in school buildings, to ensure the safest, least restrictive learning environment possible for our students and staff. 

    It’s imperative that we all continue self-checks/assessments BEFORE staff and students attend school each day AND during the first 15 minutes of each day as well. This is a very important part of keeping illness out of the buildings and/or isolated. Please, do NOT come to school if you feel sick in any way. 

    Communication regarding any positive tests will continue to be sent to only families that are directly related or affected by the case. If/when a case is confirmed, the SCSD admin will immediately contact the St. Charles County Department of Public Health who will then assist us in communicating and facilitating the quarantining process with the families involved. The combination of wearing masks and having a high level of students (eligible) vaccinated continues to be the answer to keeping students safe and in school. The only way a student will miss school due to COVID is being isolated due to a positive test result or being quarantined due to an exposure (without masks and not vaccinated). The quarantine, in theory, would only occur at lunch or during extracurricular activities (when masks aren’t worn). To illustrate how things are going, here are our COVID numbers as of 9/9/21. 

    • COVID Cases: 
      • 0 Active confirmed staff cases 
      • 2 Cumulative confirmed staff cases
      • 13 Active, in-person student cases
      • 1 Probable active or cumulative student case
      • 24 Cumulative, in-person student cases
        • 1 Early Childhood Student
        • 23 K-12 Students
          • 17 cases from K-6 buildings
          • 3 cases at 7-12 buildings
          • 3 cases from L&C & CAPS programs (non SCSD students)
    • Quarantine Numbers:
      • 41 Cumulative modified quarantined students (still attending school)
      • 22 Cumulative full quarantined students
        • 15 Early Childhood Center (masks optional)
          • 4 students currently quarantined
        • 7  K-12 (masks mandated)
          • Only 2 students currently quarantined 
    • Positivity Rate (in the past 7 days, has gone down = good news!) 
      • St. Charles County = 10.41% 
      • St. Charles City = 10.40%
        • *0-5% = low risk
        • *5-7.9% = moderate risk
        • *8-9 % = substantial risk
        • *greater than 10% = high risk

    As always...Let’s stay united, positive, and supporting each other as we continue our BEST year ever!

    Dr. Jason Sefrit
    Superintendent of Schools