• Proposition KIDS
    On April 4th, 2017, voters in the City of St. Charles School District will be asked to consider a ballot measure called Proposition KIDS. Proposition KIDS is a 47 million dollar bond issue that does not require a tax rate increase and allows the District to borrow money to fund capital projects such as building renovations, repairs, technology costs and other building upgrades. The money generated by Proposition KIDS, by law, can only be used to fund renovations, repairs, property acquisitions and other approved capital projects. Bond issues proceeds cannot be used to pay salaries or benefits. Since Proposition KIDS is a bond issue, 4/7’s of the votes, or 57%, must be yeses in order for the bond issue to be approved.

    Early Childhood Center The flagship project of Proposition KIDS will be the Early Childhood Center. With a proposed location of 1301 Boone’s Lick Road, the Early Child Center will feature 16 early childhood and early childhood special education classrooms with attached bathrooms, multiple therapy rooms to serve the needs of all students, a large multipurpose room, a gross motor skills room and a large outdoor learning playground. In addition to these features, the Early Childhood Center will also house “Parents as Teachers”, a District program that provides educational opportunities for parents and their children from ages birth to prekindergarten.

    The building of the Early Childhood Center would provide approximately 200 additional spaces for students to enroll in the District and remove some of the burden placed upon the elementary schools currently housing pre-Kindergarten programs.

    Outside of the Early Childhood Center, one of the main goals of Proposition KIDS is to address the most important needs of each school building in the district. While some buildings need more work than others, every school has projects that will be addressed should the voters approve Proposition KIDS.Every school in the district will receive upgrades to technology, such as network infrastructure, repairs to roadways, playground and hard surfaces, and other repairs to building infrastructures. 

    Please be informed and please vote on April 4th, 2017. This election will have major impact on the future of the City of St. Charles School District and the quality of education it can provide to our students.