What You Need to Know
  • 2nd Grade Homework Expectations:


    100 minutes of reading every week: Students can choose to read 25 minutes Monday-Friday or read less during the week and choose to read and log over the weekend. They may also go onto RAZ-Kids.


    Addition and Subtraction practice through 20:  For math practice, we would like students to either work on their addition and subtraction fact fluency in some way OR log onto an approved website/app every evening for at least 10 minutes. Your child brought home a set of flash cards they may use as a fact fluency option. These should stay at home for homework use. 
    Approved Websites for math homework:

    Don't have access to the Internet? Use:

    • flashcards
    • play this fluency game:
      • **roll 2 dice, add or subtract the numbers together**
    • Be creative! Make up a game at home together! :0)

    Reading Homework Log: The week's log is ON THE BACK of students' goal tracking sheet located under the "My Goals" tab in their leadership notebook.

    Math Homework Log: We log our fact fluency math practice on our goal tracking sheet located under the "My Goals" tab in students' leadership notebooks.