Mrs. Matejka's Class Mission Statement 

      Our Class FAMILY Mission Statement

    L-Listen to each each other and find our voice

    E-Everywhere, we will be kind. 

    A-Awesome things happen when we STICK together and help each other.

    D-Discover new things, Don’t give up and keep trying

    E-Everyone matters in this family. We will use KAHFOOTY

    R-Remember to be respectful!


    Mrs. Eugea's Class Mission Statement  

    We, room 203, are a class family.

    We’re kind. We’re respectful. We lead.

    We believe in ourselves and are happy.

    We are brave and try new things.

    We support each other.

    We are ourselves.

    We are leaders.


    Mrs. Richter's Class Mission Statement 

    Our Class Family Will…

    -Be kind and respectful to each other

    -Be leaders

    -Work together and encourage each other

    -Be the best class we can!