• 2nd Grade Mission Statement:  

    As the 2nd grade family, we will do what’s best for our student leaders.  We will work together to inspire and support all students and each other.  Our students will feel empowered to find their voice and reach their full potential. 


The 2nd Grade Teachers (L to R): Mrs. Matejka, Mrs. Eugea, Mrs. Richter
  • Contact Information

    Ms. Czajkowski

    Phone number: (636) 443-49
    Email: jczajkowski@stcharlessd.org
    Office hours:  Monday-Friday-10:30-11:30

    Mrs. Richter

    Phone number: (636) 443-49
    Email: mrichter@stcharlessd.org
    Office hours: Monday-Friday-10:30-11:30

    Mrs. Whitaker

    Phone number: (636) 443-4934
    Email: mrichter@stcharlessd.org
    Office hours: Monday-Friday 10:30-11:30