Following the DIAL-4 Screening, you will be required to provide the following information for your child's enrollment to be processed.  If you have not completed the Application for Enrollment, please click HERE. Your enrollment is not considered complete until ALL paperwork and forms are submitted to the Early Childhood Education Center.  

    You will need to provide:
    • 2 Forms of Residency (1 from each list is required)
        (Please Note:  cell phone/cable bills and delinquent utility bills are not acceptable)
      List 1
      Current Rental Contract, Current Real Estate Contract,
                Current Real Estate Tax Receipt, Current Mortgage Statement       
      List 2: Current/Unpaid Utility Bill, Current Bank Statement, 
                Current Credit Card Statement, Welfare, Social Security
                or other legal court document
    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Record
    • Parent Driver's License or State Issued ID

    The following enrollment forms need to be completed and submitted along with the above information to complete your child's enrollment.  Having these forms printed and completed BEFORE you come to enroll will help expedite the enrollment process.