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SCSD SafeDefend Drills

SCSD parents and community,

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Since the beginning of the school year, District technology workers and contractors have been working hard to install the SafeDefend Protection System in every school at the City of St. Charles School District. The SafeDefend Protection System is an integrated safety and alarm system designed to protect our students and staff against the threat of an intruder.  

The system consists of activation modules that are placed in hallways and safety boxes (which contain a strobe flashlight, metal baton, gel pepper spray, Celox first aid kit, yellow vest, whistle and zip tie handcuffs) that are placed in classrooms and workplaces in the schools. These activation modules and safety boxes are triggered by staff member placing their finger on the fingerprint reader on the devices.

An activation of the SafeDefend system effectively initiates emergency protocols for protective lockdown or evacuation. Once triggered, strobe lights and sirens will fill the building for a two minute period. At the same time the alarm is going off in the building, a text will be sent to all staff members alerting them to the specifics of the situation and local police will be contacted by the system as well. In addition to these measures, a third party monitoring the alarm system will send vital information directly to first responders via a 911 phone call. When a SafeDefend alarm is triggered, intruder protocols are enabled and all staff members are able unlock their own boxes, allowing for our trained staff to use its contents to protect students and themselves until the threat is neutralized.

We feel the SafeDefend system will be instrumental in expediting our lockdown process, providing real time information and dramatically decreasing emergency response times. In order to best utilize the system in the case of an emergency, all SCSD schools will be holding SafeDefend drills over the next two weeks to help ensure the safety and security of our students and staff. Below is a schedule of the drills as they will be held.

Before the drill dates, all teachers will have conversations with the students on what to do in the case of an intruder situation. Teachers will explain what the sirens/strobes mean and that they will go off for two minutes. The sirens will stop after two minutes. This is to allow first responders the ability to properly hear and access the situation when they arrive. Everyone will stay in place during the drill or live situation until an all clear message is sent out.

As soon as the drill begins, all teachers will lock their doors, open and remove the contents of their safe and shelter in place. In a live situation doors should be barricaded, but for the drill we are not requiring the barricading. Teachers will let students know in a live situation chairs and desks would be moved to the door to slow an intruder down. During the drill, administrators will be walking the building and checking doors to ensure they were properly locked. Once the drill is complete, a message through the intercom will be announced letting all staff know the drill is complete and the school day will resume as normal.  

The City of St. Charles School District takes the safety of our students with the utmost seriousness. While we hope that we never have to use the SafeDefend system, we are confident that the system and the trainings for our staff and drills for our students make our schools a safer place should a situation ever take place. Parents should contact their child’s principal if they have any questions or concerns about the SafeDefend system, the drill or the school’s emergency response plan. We appreciate the support of the SCSD community and will continue to do everything in our power to advance the safety of our schools.


Feb 25th

Officer Sanginiti


Feb 26th

Officer Keele


8:30 AM



8:00 AM


9:15 AM



8:45 AM


10:00 AM



9:30 AM



12:30 PM


March 4th

Officer Sternberg


March 6th

Officer Shipley


12:30 PM



10:00 AM


1:15 PM



10:45 AM


2:00 PM



11:30 AM


2:45 PM



AM Class TBD