• Peanut Free Safe Snacks 

    Some of our students have serious, life-threatening allergies to peanut products. Please help keep our students safe by choosing nut-free snacks to share, if your child has a classmate with a nut allergy.

    Head Lice Fact Sheet

    This information is provided by the City of St. Charles School District concerning identification and treatment of head lice.

    St. Charles County Health Department

    The public health department offers numerous services to St. Charles community members, including vaccinations, WIC, and environmental health information.

    CDC Stop the Spread of Germs

    Find ways to help keep your child healthy during flu season.

    Kids Health

    This website is a great resource. It provides information for parents, teens, and children about staying healthy, how the body works, first aid, nutrition, and much more.

    Web MD and Mayo Clinic

    Check symptoms and treatments for numerous health conditions.