• Frequently Asked Questions About

    Lewis & Clark Career Center



    Q. How many schools attend Lewis & Clark Career Center?

    A. We are currently serving 15 partner schools in St. Charles County.


    Q. How many programs are there at Lewis & Clark?

    A. There are currently 13 programs.


    Q. How are slots for each sending school determined?

    A. Slots are determined by the sending school sophomore and junior population.  The larger the school, the larger the number of slots.


    Q. Who chooses which students come to Lewis & Clark?

    A. Admissions decisions are made by a collaborative team of representatives from Lewis & Clark and each sending school.


    Q. What are the criteria?

    A. Each application is ranked by GPA, attendance, discipline,  and the results of the written OASIS test.   For IEP students, as identified and referred by the sending school, ACE results are reviewed.  


    Q. How and when will I know if my son/daughter has been accepted to Lewis & Clark?

    A. Students will find out by both their school counselor and from a letter of acceptance from Lewis & Clark.  Enrollment decisions take place in February, March, and April.


    Q. My child’s first choice of a program is full.  What other options are there?

    A. Your son/daughter may want to consider another program that matches his/her aptitude and interest.  Example:    A student who is unable to get into Building Trades may want to consider Brick & Stone Masonry or Electrical Trades.  Or, he/she may decide to stay on a waiting list for an opening to occur.


    Q. If my son/daughter is on a waiting list, how will I find out if an opening occurs?

    A. Lewis & Clark notifies the sending schools as openings occur.  Spaces are then filled by the sending schools in coordination with Lewis & Clark.  The sending school notifies its students who are on a waiting list.


    Q. If my school has reached its funding limit, can I pay for my son/daughter’s tuition to attend Lewis & Clark?

    A. Lewis & Clark is supported by tax dollars.  Tuition must come from the sending school.


    Q. How many students are in each program?

    A. There are approximately 16 students in each section (a.m. - p.m.).  Some classes are limited to 12, and others may have as many as 18.


    Q. How will my son/daughter get to Lewis & Clark?

    A. Each partner school provides bus transportation.  Some schools do allow students to drive.  Students will have to apply for a Lewis & Clark Career Center parking permit.


    Q. What are the class times for Lewis & Clark?

    A. a.m. 7:40 - 10:17

    p.m. 11:10 - 1:55


    Q. Can I schedule an individual tour of Lewis & Clark?

    A. Certainly!  Call 636-443-4950, and we will arrange a visit during regular school hours.   You are also welcome to attend our Prospective Parent/Student Night usually held in November.   Please call us for the date and time.

    Lewis and Clark Career Center technical programs are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, gender or disability.