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  • SCSD Families,

    As you know, St. Charles County’s modified quarantine protocol went into effect yesterday for any exposure reported during school hours. Here are a few clarifying points that we would like to make sure you’re aware of: 

    • The modified protocol is not retroactive, meaning any staff or students who were or are in quarantine, no matter the exposure type, due to an exposure before November 30th, will remain as such until they meet the previous criteria to return to school. 
    • The modified protocol does not include after school activities or athletics. Students will still be prohibited from participating in activities/athletics even if the exposure occurred during school time and students were masked up. Also, anytime a staff member or student is exposed without a mask on (at lunch, outside of school, etc), it will result in a 14 day quarantine, without exception to attend school in-person. The modified protocol ONLY pertains to mask to mask exposure during class time and time on the bus. 
    • ONLY wearing a mask/gaiter that is 2-ply and worn properly will constitute a staff member or student having the exception to still attend school under the modified quarantine protocol. Here is a link that might be helpful regarding wearing a mask/gaiter properly.

    The spirit of the modified quarantine protocol is to keep our in-person learning going safely and strong, while still quarantining staff and students when necessary. However, the stipulations above do make the process much more difficult for our principals to contact trace. So, please continue to work with your building administration and understand that if there is any concern regarding mask wearing, students will be quarantined without the exception of attending school. Our principals are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe and learning. If in doubt, we will err on the side of safety and caution. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. 

    Our circumstance and protocol has/can/will change quickly during this pandemic. As we’ve stated several times, things are fluid, and it appears likely that new/modified CDC guidelines will be coming out in the near future. If this happens, we will continue to work and collaborate with our County Health Director, County Superintendents, and our Board of Education as we sort out all of the new information. Please always be ready for modification or change. We understand things may get confusing, but we will continue to communicate important information fully as we navigate this changing and challenging time. We will always make decisions based on what’s best for our students, staff, and families. Thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and support. 

    As I have mentioned in recent emails, and as the pandemic continues, we have to be ready to switch to full virtual learning (on a day’s notice) if the following occurs: 

    • A significant staffing shortage (due to quarantining) could force our high schools to go full virtual to allow K-8 to stay in-person (shifting support staff and subs). 
    • A school building would go full virtual for (at least) two weeks if the positive case percentage reaches/surpasses the 5% threshold in that specific building (to keep everyone safe and stop the spread). 

    We will fully communicate with our staff and students if/when the time comes to switch to full virtual learning.

    Please stay safe, social distance, and stay masked up. We would love to continue our in-person learning throughout the school year, but it’s up to us all to do our essential part.

    United Together,
    Dr. Jason Sefrit
    Superintendent of Schools

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