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  • SCSD Families,

    As we finish up another successful week of school, I want to share some new information and reminders with you. 

    I am pleased to announce our new St. Charles School District COVID-19 Dashboard will be posted on our website with current information on the number of active and cumulative positive COVID-19 cases in our school district. Our hope is that this dashboard will provide a transparent picture of the COVID-19 case situation in our buildings, and help limit rumors and misinformation. 

    Please note that quarantining is taking place for a variety of proactive measures. Staff and students could/will be quarantined by the health department for being exposed (within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes) to a positive COVID-19 case inside and outside the District. The majority of the quarantining that’s taken place has come from outside (the District) exposure. Also, staff and students can actually be “presumed positive” by the health department if they’ve been exposed and have symptoms themselves. Information regarding students/staff who are sent home, staying home with symptoms, and those quarantining will NOT be shared with the SCSD community. Therefore, communication regarding possible quarantining due to positive or presumed positive tests will ONLY be sent to families identified as being directly related to the case through our contact tracing process.This is to protect the privacy of the individuals and it’s not our protocol to broadcast when someone is proactively quarantining or sick/ill. If and/or when a case is confirmed, our SCSD administrators will immediately contact the St. Charles County Health Department who will facilitate the quarantining/isolation process with the families involved. The majority of the quarantining taking place is for proactive/cautionary reasons. If you hear of someone being quarantined, it (usually) does NOT mean they are positive for COVID-19. 

    I’m so proud of the work our staff and students are doing in order to ensure a safe, high level of learning each day. It’s pure hard work, dedication, and teamwork that is allowing us to offer in-person and virtual learning. Let’s all continue to do our essential part by wearing a mask, social distancing, and following the self check/assessment guide. Now is the time to make SCSD the best it can be.  

    United Together,
    Dr. Jason Sefrit
    Superintendent of Schools

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