• YES Program 

    The main purpose of the Youth Experiencing Success (YES) program is to provide the students with an opportunity to experience daily success in their educational experience, and to earn credits toward graduation. While the students are enrolled in the program, they:
    • earn credits in business, English, math, science, social studies and selective electives.
    • learn appropriate communication and social skills necessary to succeed in life.


    Students being enrolled in the YES program must be recommended by their school counselor and building principal. Criteria for the selection are:

    • Any high school student who has failed and/or is behind by one or more semesters. Acceptance is based on need and priority is given to upper classmen to reach targeted graduation dates.
    • Students and parents must attend an enrollment orientation meeting with the principal before starting the program.
    Students participating in the program will be assigned three courses a quarter. They must complete their courses before being assigned additional courses. Students must complete a minimum of four courses per semester to continue in the program.  
    Students must be present daily. When a student is absent from school, a parent or guardian must call in and send a note excusing the absence. When a student has ten unexcused absences, he/she will be dismissed from the program at the end of the semester and return full-time to their high school.