• Missouri Options Program

    The Missouri Options Program, sponsored through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, is for students age 17 and older who have the capabilities to complete Missouri high school graduation requirements, but for a variety of reasons lack the credits needed to graduate with their class, and are at risk of leaving school without a high school diploma.

    The Missouri Options Program provides seniors at risk of not graduating or dropping out an alternative opportunity to earn a St. Charles School District diploma. Each student interested in the Missouri Options Program will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This program provides an opportunity for these students to earn a St. Charles School District diploma by meeting the specific requirements.

    Daily Schedule:

    There are two choices for the Missouri Options Program: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7:20 AM to 1:20 PM and Tuesday, Thursday from 7:20 AM to 1:20 PM.


    Students must be present daily. They will attend class 15 (fifteen) hours per week. The student agrees to miss no more than 5 (five) unexpected days of class per semester.

    Work Hours Requirement:

    Students enrolled in the Missouri Option Program will work or perform community service 15 (fifteen) hours per week, turning in pay stubs for documentation. Work/community service hours are not accepted on a day that a student is absent from class.

    If a student's employment is terminated, he/she will be dismissed from the program, and may reapply the following semester.


    Please discuss any transportation issues with the Missouri Options staff.


    Students can utilize accounts and PIN numbers to purchase food at their sending schools.

    Graduation and Diploma:

    Students who complete all components of the Missouri Options Program will be considered St. Charles School District graduates. They will receive a diploma, and will be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.

    Student Transcripts:

    A student's transcript will be modified after joining and completing the Missouri Options Program. The student's previous academic history will be documented in the same way; however, the student's overall GPA will be replaced with the student's GED scores.

    Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

    The Missouri Options Program follows the guidelines of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. More information on the program can be found at the following website:


    Application Process:

    Students interested in learning more about St. Charles' Missouri Options Program should first contact their school's administrator or counselor. These individuals can gauge the student's initial qualifications (age, credit status, etc.) and, upon their recommendation, a GED pre-test will be given. If the pre-test scores indicate the student would be a good match for the program, an orientation meeting is held by the student and parent/guardian to review the program details and requirements. Students are not enrolled into Missouri Options until they have reviewed and signed a contract indicating they understand the benefits, as well as the restrictions, of the program.